Common Platform for Common Goal (CoCoN) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 2011 AD and is working continuously for the promotion and protection of human rights, peace, and social justice through awareness, human rights education, advocacy, and strengthening networks to boost up a culture of peace in the society. It further focuses on the issues of women and child rights and follows a Human Rights-Based Approach as well as ‘Do No Harm’ principle. In addition, conflict sensitivity, gender sensitivity, and good governance are its core prioritized issues.

Since the early stage of its establishment, CoCoN is also working in the field of anti-human trafficking and reconnecting the trafficked children with their families through coordination and collaboration with GOs, I/NGOs, HPs, and DPs and is operating SAJHA GHAR, a registered transit home to provide immediate temporary shelter and protection ensuring the good health and psychosocial well-being of the trafficking affected/victimized children through personal care and hygiene service, medical services, psychosocial counseling, in house/school education, entertainment and re-connection with the family since February 2018. In addition, CoCoN is also operating an Information Booth in the Bhantabari border area of Sunsari district (earlier operated in the Jogbani border of Morang district) for border surveillance to support controlling cross-border human trafficking.

CoCoN is operating its projects, programs, and campaigns from its Head Office in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu; Provincial Contact Office in Biratnagar, Morang, and Branch Office in Inaruwa, Sunsari.


CoCoN envisions a society where every individual lives in peace with dignity enjoying social justice and human rights.


CoCoN’s mission is to protect and promote human rights with social justice through research, capacity building, and thematic advocacy.


The Goal of the CoCoN is to ensure human rights and social justice through protection, advocacy, research, capacity building, and networking


CoCoN’s overall objectives are to ensure that:

  • Persons affected by human rights violations and abuse have access to justice providing transit home service, psychosocial and medical support, and reintegration.
  • The community, civil society, and government stakeholders’ capacity to enhance human rights (Gender equality, child protection, good governance).
  • The three levels of government collaborate to create strategies, policies, and mechanisms while allocating resources to uphold human rights, promote social justice, and maintain peace.

Core Value:

  1. Committed, Transparent, Inclusive, and Accountable leadership
  2. Professionalism
  3. Impartiality & Independence
  4. Do No Harm
  5. Gender, religion & conflict sensitivity
  6. Continuous improvement

Thematic Areas / Issues (Areas of Work):

  • Child Protection and Child Rights
  • Gender-Based Violence and Women’s Rights
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human Rights, Law, and Justice
  • Mental Health and Psycho-social Support (MHPSS)
  • Environment and Development

Cross-Cutting Thematic Issues:

  • Good Governance
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Youth and Community Engagement
  • Human Rights Defenders

Working Modality:

Based on the human rights principles, the human rights-based approach to development, do no (less) harm principle as well as conflict and gender sensitivity, community engagement, and engagement with other stakeholders that can contribute to the betterment of the target population/area is the core of the working modality/approach of the organization where all the projects, programs, and campaign’s works are focused on the following;

  • Promotion
  • Protection
  • Human Rights Education
  • Advocacy and/or litigation