About us

Common Platform for Common Goal (CoCoN) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 2011 AD and is working continuously for the promotion and protection of human rights, peace and social justice through awareness, human rights education, advocacy, and strengthening networks to boost up a culture of peace in the society. It further focuses on the issues of women and child rights and follows a Human Rights-Based Approach as well as ‘Do No Harm’ principle. In addition, conflict sensitivity, gender sensitivity, and good governance are its core prioritized issues.


Since the early stage of its establishment, CoCoN is also working in the field of anti-human trafficking and reconnecting the trafficked children with their families  …

Message from the Chairperson

Mrs. Manjeeta Upadhaya

Common Platform for Common Goal (CoCoN) has been creating platforms bringing common issues relating to the human rights together to draw attention of the concerned authorities for remedial action. 

CoCoN has been extending its scope of movement with national and international agencies consolidating resources and capacities to address the vulnerability of the human rights situation in the country. Since its inception CoCoN has been taking initiations for collective efforts with common understanding of national and international established values, norms and principles of human rights in order to avoid dilemma and confusion in interpreting human rights among the human rights defenders through capacity enhancement initiatives for effective advocacy. 

CoCoN began its movement from eastern Nepal focusing on combating violence against women, human trafficking, and strengthening rule of law, capacity building of human rights defenders and strengthening network among the like-minded organizations. At present it has extended its movement towards western Nepal focusing on anti child trafficking through rescue, empowerment and re-integration of vulnerable trafficked children. CoCoN strongly beliefs that collective efforts with common understanding can make a difference for positive change.