SAJHA GHAR is a registered transit home (CCWB Reg. No. 71) operated by the Common Platform for Common Goal (CoCoN) since February 2018 to provide protection and immediate temporary shelter to the children those rescued and referred by / through than CCWB / DCWB and the National Child Rights Council (NCRC). As CoCoN joins hands together to fight against human trafficking, it also supports the government in its deinstitutionalization policy and provides immediate temporary shelter and protection to the children those rescued by the concerned governmental authorities from the children home / orphanage those fails to meet the minimum standard set by the government and falls under human trafficking category.

Once the children are rescued by the designated governmental authorities and referred through the CCWB / NCRC; CoCoN welcome the children and ensures his / her good health, psychosocial wellbeing and provides personal care and hygiene service, medical services, psychosocial counseling, in house / school education, entertainment and reconnection with the family. Following its SAJHA GHAR procedure, CoCoN through different extracurricular activities encourages the children to memorize their family ties which in most of the cases are found fragile / broken and collects the information for family tracing. Once the family are traced, the children are reconnected with their family through modern technologies; i.e. telecommunication, social media and / or through in-person visits. Furthermore, CoCoN creates conducive environment where children realize the importance of being with the family and shows their eagerness for the reconnection / reintegration with their family members.

In SAJHA GHAR, the children will be under the care of the home manager, child care assistant, guard and will be provided regular tutoring whereas the health person and psychosocial counsellor will visit them once a week for the general health checkup and counselling.

Till September, 2019 CoCoN have provided transit home service to 88 children from 19 different districts of Nepal those rescued and referred by the CCWB and successfully reintegrated all the children with their respective family members following family tracing / assessment, proper counselling and legal compliance.

Currently, CoCoN received 11 rescued children through the NCRC and they are receiving immediate temporary shelter and protection in SAJHA GHAR. CoCoN is ready to accept rescued children through NCRC for the immediate temporary shelter, protection, family reintegration and regular monitoring.